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Improve Sales With Print Marketing

While digital promotions are a key part of any business, so is print. If you have any personal interaction with a customer, print is a must have. Any size company in a competitive industry can leverage printed material to create a positive first impression, reinforce the sales process, show appreciation, and stay top-of-mind.

Printed promotional materials form lasting connections between buyers and sellers and influence buying decisions. Unlike electronic promotions, good sales materials have staying power. They are tactile and real and can’t be deleted. If they are compelling, they demand a look through. With a powerful image or message, they’ll be read.

A powerful sales piece can energize the conversation and empower sales efforts. Salespeople appreciate print material that support their message and help transform the conversation. Effective sales tools bolster sales efforts and raise enthusiasm.

Printed materials are crucial in making a good impression. Branded print materials help communicate your overall marketing message, unify your brand and legitimize your offerings. A strong visual impression can help get your message across easier.

In today’s world of mass email, print materials stand out. Being exposed to so many digital materials makes it difficult for brands to differentiate themselves. The proof is in the numbers. Direct mail gets a better sales response rate than email. According to the 2017 Direct Media Response Rate Report*, direct mail sent to homes had a 5.1% response rate vs. email’s 0.6% response rate; direct mail sent to prospects had a 2.9% response rate vs. email’s 0.2%.

The printed word provides your company with a big boost of credibility and professionalism, so they are important tools in your marketing arsenal. They reinforce your brand and create a lasting impression on your prospects if done well. Plus, a single printed piece can reach multiple decision makers when your primary contact passes it along.

Here’s how print materials can be used throughout the sales process.

Print marketing is an effective way to generate leads, make sales and keep your company top-of-mind. And, print materials work for any type of business or industry. Contact us today to get started on well-designed, quality print marketing material for your business.



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