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The addition of the HP Latex 335 allows Minuteman Press Newark to deliver the highest quality large format printing to our clients.

As businesses plan to reopen, Minuteman Press Newark is proud to introduce the "Shop Our Street" Rack Card Advertising Program. This is a grass roots marketing initiative in which you and the other retailers in your area work together to distribute 5,000 rack cards each month. This program is designed for retailers to work together to drive foot traffic to their street, strip mall, or general area. The more foot traffic there is, the better it is for all retailers in that area. We want you to be ready to tell everyone you are back and ready to go as soon as NJ businesses get the green light to re-open.

We may think we have a solid and loyal customer base. That may be true for about 10-15 percent of our customers, but we will need to fight or re-earn the other 85 percent. How do we go about doing that? How do we get those customers back into our stores? We have to adjust to our customer’s requirements and use every channel possible to re-engage with them. Here are some suggestions on how to re-connect and re-engage with your customers.

During this time, it is important to stay positive. Focus on the things you have control of such as finding new opportunities for your business.

In every crisis there are challenges and opportunities. The challenge for small business owners is how to fix a great business that is totally wrecked by the economic effects of a virus.  Plenty of opportunities lie in the answer to that challenge.

While this is a very challenging time, it is also a rare opportunity to evaluate your business and where you want it to go.