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Print vs Digital

How Print and Digital Marketing Work Better Together

While many marketers think digital first when it comes to reaching their target audience, smart marketers know combining digital and print has a much greater impact.

Stand out. People are engaged via multiple forms of online media – email, social media, web searches, etc. It’s relatively inexpensive to target an audience on social media platforms but connecting with them is a whole other issue. There is so much digital messaging out there that your message may get lost among the dozens or hundreds of emails or posts that come across screens daily. Direct mail and leave behinds are great ways to stand out.

Strengthen your brand. Whether a potential customer is seeing your brand on a piece of paper or a screen, it's important to have consistent messaging, colors, fonts, wording, and more. Publish unified, integrated messaging on and across all online and offline marketing channels to strengthen your brand and brand recognition.

Get the most return from one piece of content. Whenever you create a piece of content for your business, do yourself a huge favor and take a more holistic approach. Consider how a webpage, blog post, or tradeshow flyer can be repurposed to fit multiple channels. Use a flyer or postcard in digital form for a facebook post or for a banner ad. Use mailers or leave behinds to point your audience back to your website and help drive them to buy. Not only does this create consistency between your channels, it can also save money by eliminating the need to design new graphics or other content.

Engage on a deeper level. Incorporate digital resources on print marketing adds a new element to printed media. By adding your brand's Twitter hashtag, Facebook name, or website address to print media, you allow the customers to engage with your company on a level deeper.

Deliver better outcomes. According to Forbes, a research study conducted by the DMA found that direct mail holds an average 4.4% response rate, compared to email with an average 0.12% response rate. Responses increase substantially when marketing campaigns combine print and online.

While many may think print is a thing of the past, it remains relevant as signage, flyers, brochures, catalogs, promotional items and more. Print is everywhere you go: retail stores, medical offices, restaurants, corporate offices, etc. Integrate print and digital marketing to create a well-rounded cross media strategy by understanding the target audience and creating the right materials.


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