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As far as your marketing plan for the coming year, here are five lessons to remember for your business.

Calendars are a powerful tool for marketing your brand cheaply and effectively.

Direct Mail is a trusted, effective marketing tool to communicate with your customers. As the pandemic has disrupted relationships businesses have with their customers, communication is more important than ever. While organizations may be relying heavily on digital marketing, now is the right time to take a fresh look at direct mail as a way to reach your audience.

As people have established new online shopping habits to source products and services, we need to figure out what we can offer to bring them back.We need to address our customers' needs and use every channel possible to re-engage with them. Here are some suggestions how that can be accomplished.

As businesses re-open, many will do so with strict social distancing rules in place. This will necessitate additional communication with customers, employees and visitors. Signs and graphics will play an essential role in such communications, and planning your signage strategy now will help you as you re-open for business.

When it comes to operating your business during the pandemic, it's important to communicate with your customers inside and outside of your place of business. Use signs, banners and decals to keep employees and customers safe.

Regardless of the type of business you have, signage inside and out will keep people informed and remind them to observe safety guidelines during the pandemic.