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Benefits and Uses of Large Format Promotions

Benefits and Uses of Large Format Promotions

While businesses often focus on digital marketing, print marketing is still a very effective way to increase awareness, strengthen your brand and bring in customers. Digital marketing is often skimmed over in just a few seconds. When customers see and experience something tangible, they are more likely to remember and act on it. This is why so many businesses find success with large format print promotions.

Large format print is a versatile and captivating way to engage your audience and increase visibility. It includes banners, posters, point of purchase displays, wall and floor decals, tradeshow signage, yard signs, sidewalk signs, advertising flags and more.  Here are some of the advantages that this marketing method provides.

Large format printing reinforces brand recognition. Large format marketing keeps your brand top-of-mind and raises brand awareness. It has 24/7 accessibility reaching customers at all times.

Large format promotions are memorable. If you’re looking to draw attention to an event, a business, a promotion or anything else, large format marketing is exactly what you need. Something big and bold is a sure way draw attention.

Large format advertising is cost-effective. Compared to the cost of traditional print advertising, posters and banners are economical. While magazines and newspaper audiences are limited to their readers, everyone passing by posters, banners and signs will see them. Large format signs and banners are also quick and easy to manufacture.

Large format marketing is adaptable. There’s a wide range types of large format promotions of varying sizes, shapes and materials. Any of them can be customized for maximum impact.

Large format print has longevity. Posts, signs, banners, etc. have a long shelf like and provide on-going, long-term exposure. Depending on the message, the media could be used for months or years.

Large format marketing dovetails well with other types of print marketing as well as with digital marketing. It can be used for grand openings, new locations, sales, special promotions, to draw attention to your location, to bring passing customers into your store, for branding at tradeshows and conferences and much more. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how large print promotions can be used to promote your business.