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Introducing Our "Shop Our Street" Rack Card Advertising Program

As we enter another week with essential-only businesses operating, Minuteman Press continues to operate under normal business hours to serve our customers. While our lobby remains closed, we are providing curbside pickup, free local delivery or UPS as your options to receive your finished jobs.

As businesses plan to reopen, Minuteman Press Newark is proud to introduce the "Shop Our Street" Rack Card Advertising Program. This is a grass roots marketing initiative in which you and the other retailers in your area work together to distribute 5,000 rack cards each month. 

This program is designed for retailers to work together to drive foot traffic to their street, strip mall, or general area. The more foot traffic there is, the better it is for all retailers in that area.   

We want you to be ready to tell everyone you are back and ready to go as soon as NJ businesses get the green light to re-open.

Each rack card has 10 participating retailers, each with their own offering. Each participating store will receive 500 rack cards to distribute in-store or otherwise to their customers during the month. Five thousand (5,000) potential customers will be reached when each participant distributes all the rack cards.  

Each "Shop Our Street" Rack Card Advertising Program runs on a three (3)-month cycle. You can change your offering each month or keep it the same.

Facts about the Rack Card

  • Each rack card is 4” x  9”
  • Each ad is 4” x 1½“
  • Five (5) ads on each side; 10 ads total.
  • $100 per ad per month – only 2 cents per customer contact!
  • Minimum 3 month commitment; offerings can be changed each month
  • Cost include design, printing and rack card holder
  • Print run 5000; 500 cards per advertiser to distribute in-store or otherwise
  • Expand to 10,000 cards for only an additional $50
  • Include a coupon and we'll provide a code for you to use to track results

We can create custom group cards if you have 9 businesses that you want to advertise alongside with. 

If only .5% of people respond, that would be 25 people the ad drove to your store.  Would 25 new customers to your business be worth $100?  This program is easy, economical, and effective.

Payment is not required until the entire rack card is booked. We simply need a credit card to hold your spot. Ads will be charged monthly prior to each mailing. We'll have the rack cards in your stores as soon as your business is permitted to reopen.

If you are interested in hearing more about this program, please call 973-624-6907 or email me at

Please BE SAFE, BE WELL and BE READY to get back to business the minute you are able to do so.